It's like 'INSTANT' with a 'Prrrr' at the beginning!

Welcome to Prinstant, the printer of choice for all kinds of printing, stationery, signs, banners, books.  Established 2011, print trades qualified staff, environmentally reponsible, totally dedicated to client service, great pricing and fast turnarounds.



‚Äč  Banners:

Pull up Banner - standard 850mm x 2100 visible

Other sizes available as shown.

To provide artwork, either call/email to discuss our affordable design services or supply high resolution printable files 850mm wide by 2100 long.

Preferred software like Adobe Indesign is recommended but it is okay to use lesser applications like Microsoft Word or Publisher.

We don't recommend Powerpoint because it is difficult to retain correct formatting and quality.

When including images, preferred resolution is 300 pixels per inch, lower resolution may look okay but may not.

If you are unsure about supplying files, please feel free to contact us for help.