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For the technically minded:


Colour Management Explained!

Supplying files for print....





These will usually print reasonably well enough for commodity work like flyers, training books, newsletters etc


Microsoft Publisher (saved as high quality print PDF)

Microsoft Word (saved as high quality print PDF)


Make sure you "Save as PDF", native Word files can appear different on each computer that opens it.  Saving as PDF will 'lock in' all the fonts and layout



DO NOT SAVE AS .jpg, .png or .gif

as doing this will rasterise your text and it will
 not print well!



Note: Colours do not hold well from MS Word or Publisher files.  If your colour is critical,
please ask for advice.






( Adobe is the world leader in graphic design software and is the industry standard)


For Bookwork/General - Adobe Indesign

Posters/Flyers - Adobe Illustrator

Art/Graphic - Adobe Photoshop


PDF's made from Adobe products:

Use PDF X/1a  (PDF X4 for advanced users)


DO NOT SAVE AS .jpg, .png or .gif

as doing this will rasterise your text and it will not print well!





NOT Recommended

( Can be printed, but may not be sharp and colour may be unpredictable)






Photoshop .PSD files or Tif files


Only use these if there is NO text, they are for images only!

Although, they may be acceptable with text if resolution is high, at least 300 dpi.


.jpg file (except as placed photos)


Web files: .gif  .png  .bmp