Prinstant is good for the environment


- and good for your pocket!

Welcome to Prinstant - Canberra
Locally owned, family-operated business.

Our quality workflow and modern digital presses mean very small environmental footprint.


On medium to larger jobs, it is actually cheaper to pay us rather than printing on your office machine.


Consider the full cost; your time, the office space, expensive toners and inks, binding storage of paper stocks...


We can provide a great service as close as your phone or email.


PLUS design support, super fast service and free technical advice!


Why go to the trouble of doing it yourself?


Printer manufacturers quote cost per sheet using a basic text sheet to measure, if you print graphics, you can use over 10 times as much ink/toner and even then you won't get our quality level, so do yourself a favour and let us take care of it for you.


All stock used is FSC renewable forest or recycled product.


ALL waste paper and packaging is recycled.


All press and printer consumables are part of Fuji-Xerox recycling program, with over 99% recovery of ALL waste toner, cartridges, drums etc.


Very few make-ready sheets required for digital printing processes, did you know that offset printing requires as many as 500 sheets of paper just to prepare the press while setting ink levels and registration?


Digital printing often requires ZERO make-ready sheets or at most only a couple to check alignment.


Our quality control and expertise ensures very low wastage, all sheet sizes and impositions are designed to minimise waste.