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Welcome to Prinstant, the printer of choice for all kinds of printing, stationery, signs, banners, books.  Established 2011, print trades qualified staff, environmentally reponsible, totally dedicated to client service, great pricing and fast turnarounds.

Funeral FAQ

We can help with funerary needs:

  What do we print?

  • Funeral Booklets
  • Memorial Cards

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  Need design or file assistance?

Design services also available, converting your files or creating new ones from your existing documents.  Modest hourly rates.


  What files do we accept?

We can print from Indesign files, Adobe Acrobat PDF's, Word Documents, almost any electronic format. 

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  Minimum & Maximum Quantities:

No maximum limit!  Minimum order $30. Generally speaking, the more you get the lower the unit price.


  Stocks available:

Conventional paper/card - 80gsm paper - 400gsm card

Standard cards, natural fibres, traditional laid stocks.


Matching envelopes and other items available according to needs.


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8am - 4pm, Mon-Fri

80 Newcastle St Fyshwick

6280 0081